Azure IoT News – July 2022 by Think About IoT

Azure IoT News is here for one more month! Let’s take a look at the news of July 2022 together.

Week 1-3/7

There isn’t any news for this week.

Week 4-10/7

🔸 Azure Digital Twins Data history allows you to connect an Azure Digital Twins instance to an Azure Data Explorer cluster so that digital twin property updates are automatically historized to Azure Data Explorer.

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🔸 With the latest preview release for Azure IoT Central REST API (2022-06-30), there is now preview support for a series of new endpoints.

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🔸 Now everyone can set a retry policy using Event Hubs or timer triggers that re-execute a function until successful execution or the maximum number of retries occur.

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Week 11-17/7

🔸 The Azure IoT Edge 1.3 version is the latest stable release and includes:

  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 on AMD and Intel 64-bit architectures
  • Edge Hub now enforces that inbound/outbound communication uses minimum TLS version 1.2 by default
  • Updated runtime modules based on .NET 6
  • Ability to configure device identity, EST identity, and Edge CA certificate auto-renewal before the expiration
  • Fixes

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🔸 Exporting device customizations and cloud properties in Azure IoT Central is now generally available.

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Week 18-24/7

🔸 Microsoft released guidance and sample code to help you integrate your Azure IoT Central applications into your own Azure pipelines.

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🔸 Azure Event Grid partner events are now generally available.

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🔸 .NET 7 support for Azure Functions in isolated process model in public preview.

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🔸 Azure Functions support for PowerShell 7.2 enables developing and deploying Azure Function Apps for production scenarios using the latest version of PowerShell.

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Week 25-31/7

🔸 Guided tour experience added to Azure IoT Central.

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🔸 The Azure Sphere 22.07 feature release is now available.

This release includes the following components:

  • Updated Azure Sphere OS
  • Updated Azure Sphere SDK for Windows and for Linux
  • Updated Azure Sphere extensions for Visual Studio and for Visual Studio Code
  • Updated samples and documentation

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🔸 Azure Stream Analytics is now available in four new regions.

These regions are:

  • China East 3
  • China North 3
  • US DoD East
  • US Gov Texas

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🔸 SQL DB output connector improvements in Stream Analytics.

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