Catch up with me – January 2022

Catch up with me - January 2022

January has just gone, so let’s take a look at what I did this month!

New year, new resolutions

Here are some of my new year resolutions:

  • Help the cloud community to achieve more
  • Continue to write at least 2 blog posts every month
  • Achieve & renew at least 3 Microsoft Certifications
  • Take some soft skills trainings
  • Renew MVP Award
  • Start a YouTube series
  • Hit 5k followers on my Twitter account

Blog news

I wrote a couple of blog posts this month! You can find them here, or you can continue reading about them in this article. 👇

Azure IoT News

As every month, I have written an article about Azure IoT news for this month.

You can read about this news on my blog post or on my Hashnode post.

Azure IoT News January 2022.png

Catch up with me – December 2021

Moreover, I wrote a blog post about how I spent my December. If you haven’t read it, yet, you can read it on my blog post or on my Hashnode post.

Catch up with me - November 2021.png

Social media


I reached 2000 followers on Twitter, and I am celebrating with a giveaway! 🎉
If you are reading this article before Sunday 6th of February 22 you can take part!

Job news

I made a small video for Team Candi, where I work.

In this video, I narrate my experience in Candi.

I feel so happy helping Candi to achieve more!

Robotics lessons

In my robotics lessons, we continued with the Astro Pi – Mission Zero and the Mission Space Lab! 🛸

Also, my students participated in the Mega Event!

This international meeting had it all:

  • 5 countries
  • 6 languages
  • 105 participants (mentors and children)
  • 2 super quests: John McAtominey, head of the CoderDojo Foundation, and Amanda Hill-Attkisson, a former NASA engineer.

Moreover, we are dealing with the 4th Open Technologies In Education Competition! Stay tuned to be informed about the three systems we are building! 🤖


So, this was my January!
Have an incredible month! I hope February will be great for all of us! ✨

See you around,
Maria-Anastasia 🎀