Catch up with me – December 2021

Catch up with me - December 2021

December has just gone, so let’s take a look at what I did this month!

Happy New Year!!!

December was a great month for me! Find out why! 😉

Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional – Microsoft Azure MVP

First, on Wednesday, 1st of December, when I was going to turn my laptop off, after work, I received an email that told me I had been awarded as a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional!


This is so huge for me, as I am a young tech professional. As you can imagine, I felt so excited and happy, because I didn’t wait for this to happen in 2021!

You can visit my Microsoft MVP profile here.

I will write another article about how I became a Microsoft MVP, as I have been asked about that many times.

Blog news

My blog “got dressed” for the Christmas holidays! Snowflakes fall to put you in the Christmas mood! ❄️❄️


I wrote several blog posts this month! You can find them here, or you can continue reading about them in this article. 👇

Azure IoT News

As every month, I have written an article about Azure IoT news for this month.

This month we hadn’t so much Azure IoT news, maybe due to holidays, but you can read about this news on my blog post or on my Hashnode post.

Azure IoT News December 2021.png

Catch up with me – November 2021

For the first time, at the beginning of this month, I wrote a blog post about how I spent my November. If you haven’t read it, yet, you can read it on my blog post or on my Hashnode post.

Catch up with me - November 2021.png

Write your letter to Santa Claus, here! 🎅

As I’m a Christmas freak, I wrote a blog post to make your life easier and help you to send your Christmas letter to Santa Claus. 💌

If you want to learn more about this post on my blog, or on my Hashnode.

Dear Santa,

I also wrote a public letter to Santa on my blog and on my Hashnode, too.

In this article, you can find out what I want to thank Santa for the last year and what I asked him for this year. Maybe you can also learn who is the real Santa Claus. 🤩

If you are Greek, you can read the original letter here.


Public speaking

This month, I gave two presentations about Azure IoT.

Yearly Edu Summit 2021: All about Azure IoT

First, I presented in the “Yearly Edu Summit – YES 2021“. YES 2021 had been organized by Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors CEE, and it was a 4-day conference for students – from students.

Watch my presentation here.


Mert to the Future: All About Azure IoT

On Thursday, 23rd of this month, I joined Mert Yeter on his Twitch Livestream “Mert to the Future”, on the AzureishLive Twitch channel.

I had so great time, speaking about Azure IoT with the great company of the community!

All about Azure IoT.png

A funny moment from this evening:

Social media

Christmas countdown

From the ending of November, I started to countdown until Christmas, every day! It has been a lot of fun because I have great company on comments until Christmas!


This month I was a little more active on TikTok! So, if you want, you can find me there, too!

@mariamou_7 All I want for Christmas is…MVP award!!! #MVPBuzz #Microsoft #Azure #MVP #tech #Christmas #alliwantforchristmas @microsoft ♬ All I Want For Christmas Is You – Leia


On the 17th of December, I posted my first giveaway! It was a giveaway for my followers, as a little Christmas gift! 🎁

Festive Tech Calendar 2021 & GirlsWhoCode

As a great fun of the Festive Tech Calendar 2021 and of course GirlsWhoCode organization, I decided to help with a little donation!

Job news

As you may know, I work at the Team Candi of InfoQuest Technologies. We had some great moments there, this month! We made a Christmas call with several teams of InfoQuest, and it was so great! Also, we received some Christmas gifts from, and this was a wonderful surprise for me as I work there for only 5 months!

Me before our Christmas call:

Robotics lessons

In my robotics lessons, we started to deal with Astro Pi – Mission Zero and Mission Space Lab!

Moreover, we are participating in the 3rd Open Technologies In Education Competition! Stay tuned to be informed about the three systems we will build!


So, this was my December!

Have an incredible month! 🎄 I hope January, and 2022 in general, will be great for all of us! ✨✨

See you around, Maria-Anastasia 🎀