Write your letter to Santa Claus, here! 🎅

Write your letter to Santa Claus, here!

Did you are a good kid/person last year? 🤔
If the answer is YES, then keep reading! 🤩

Hey there! 👋

As I’m a certified elf, I want to make your life easier and help you to send your Christmas letter to Santa Claus. 💌

If you fill out this form, I will try to put your letter directly in Santa’s pocket! 😉🎅

Also, if you wanted, I can send your letter to someone of your own, so that he/she knows what you asked from Santa Claus! 😉📧

So, fill the form here! 👈

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Here you can see my degree!
I’m certified since 2005!


Your beloved elf,

Maria-Anastasia 😘😘