IoT 101: What is IoT? (EN)


First, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the communication network of many devices, as well as any object that incorporates electronic means: software, sensors, and network connectivity, to allow data connection and exchange. Simply, the IoT is the connection of all electronic devices to each other as a local area network or with the ability to connect to the Internet. The term “things” is not strictly associated with certain products, but it refers to a wide variety of devices. The main feature of all of them is the connection between each other in order for the user to be able to control them from a computer or a mobile device. When we talk about IoT, we refer both to machine-to-machine communication, and human-to-machine communication.

Why do we hear more and more people talking about the IoT lately? The reason is simple! IoT is a rapidly evolving technology. Research shows that the total installed base of IoT-connected devices worldwide is projected to amount to 30.9 billion units by 2025, a sharp jump from the 13.8 billion units that are expected in 2021. This is because the IoT improves our daily life and on the other hand helps in dangerous projects, like in jobs that are very difficult to take place without it. Moreover, insights might help increase efficiency, reduce waste, or lower costs and make our systems more secure.

Personally, I choose to deal with IoT, because it’s fun to convert whatever you want into a smart one. Secondly, we encounter the IoT, more and more in our daily lives. For think, many homes now have different IoT devices, such as thermometers, alarms, toothbrushes, and other small items, but also, have a central brain that controls many elements of the home, such as windows, doors, shutters, etc. In addition to our daily lives, the IoT is in science, medicine, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, energy and natural resources, agriculture, retail, government, financial services, smart buildings, and in our cities. But, is even on us! In the clothes and accessories, we wear. Everywhere!

All that is very encouraging about this technology, but like all things, the IoT has its challenges. As we know, when it comes to data transfer and storage, we need to take the necessary measures to protect them. I think you can understand that, especially on the Internet of Things, it is very important to protect our data and our systems because violating them can be very critical.

In the next article, I will suggest how you can deal with IoT and what knowledge and equipment need to have.


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  1. Chailu

    It used for me to understand loT and its works

    1. mariamou7

      Thank you for your kind words and your feedback!

  2. Chailu

    This blog is very useful for to understand about loT and how it works. I want more blog like this.

    1. mariamou7

      Thank you very much, Chailu!!

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