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Azure IoT News is here for one more month! Let’s take a look at the news of 🎃 October 🎃 2023 together.

🔸 Azure IoT Hub now supports setting up an Azure Cosmos DB account as a custom routing endpoint.

This feature has the added capability to fine-tune Synthetic Partition Keys, making data storage and querying on Azure Cosmos DB an effortless task, particularly when dealing with extensive datasets.

The demand for IoT solutions continues to surge, especially in sectors like manufacturing and intelligent transport systems, where colossal databases are essential to handle the constant influx of data. The challenge with traditional SQL-based relational databases lies in their inability to scale effectively and their tendency to become cost-prohibitive as data volumes grow. This is where Azure Cosmos DB truly shines, offering a tailored solution for scenarios that require real-time data analysis during the data ingestion process.

Until now, integrating IoT device data into Azure Cosmos DB posed a significant hurdle. The previous workaround involved setting up custom applications or employing tools like Azure Functions or Azure Stream Analytics to collect streaming data before pushing it to Cosmos DB. This approach not only demanded extra development efforts but also incurred additional costs.

The good news is, that you no longer need to follow these convoluted paths. With our latest release, you can:

  1. Seamlessly configure an Azure Cosmos DB account as a custom endpoint within your IoT Hub.
  2. Harness the power of Synthetic Partition Keys to generate partition keys based on your specific business logic automatically.
  3. Effortlessly establish routing rules to direct data straight to your designated Azure Cosmos DB endpoint.

This enhancement simplifies the integration process and significantly reduces the overhead, making it easier than ever to leverage Azure Cosmos DB for your IoT data storage and analysis needs.

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