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SNF Nostos Hackathon Greece 2021

SNF Nostos Hackathon

SNF Nostos in collaboration with Microsoft are organizing the first SNF Nostos Hackathon! And I will be one of the tutors! If you are a student join us, as the SNF Nostos Hackathon is designed for everyone who wants to participate, from seasoned coders to those with no prior experience. All you need is a computer, Wi-Fi connectivity and some concentration!  It includes two events: SNF Nostos Hackathon 101: Life Reprogrammed ā€“ Enhancing Our Humanity in the Digital Age 25, 26, 27 August, 09:00 - 17:00 You can register at the latest 24 hours before.The event will be conducted in English.Read the details of the event here.Register here. SNF Nostos Coder Hackathon: Humanizing Technology - Enhancing Our Humanity in the Digital Age 28, 29 August,  09:00 - 17:00 You can register at the latest 24 hours before.The event will be conducted in English.Read the details of the event here.Register here.  Register today to participate, play, learn and win amazing prizes! More details here: https://www.snfnostos.org/en/2021/258/snf-nostos-hackathon/

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My experienceĀ on theĀ Greek Girls CodeĀ profileĀ on Twitter (EN)

AĀ fewĀ daysĀ ago, IĀ hadĀ theĀ pleasureĀ andĀ honorĀ toĀ takeĀ on theĀ Greek Girls CodeĀ profileĀ on Twitter to produce content aimed to inspire girls and young women inĀ GreeceĀ toĀ getĀ involvedĀ inĀ scienceĀ andĀ tech. GreekĀ GirlsĀ CodeĀ isĀ aĀ socialĀ initiativeĀ andĀ enterpriseĀ aimingĀ toĀ supportĀ GreekĀ womenā€™sĀ activitiesĀ inĀ science,Ā research,Ā andĀ technology. OnĀ theirĀ TwitterĀ profileĀ showcasesĀ GreekĀ womenĀ whoĀ workĀ inĀ techĀ andĀ research,Ā day-to-dayĀ activities, andĀ advice. So, this was a chance for me to share my experience in a Greek school of informatics, in IT volunteering, in finding my first job, and information about the IoT and STEM education.I feel very honored that this community chose me, and I hope I inspired and empowered at least one girl by sharing my own story in the field of technology.Some of...